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MTN Consulting is your trusted partner to help drive your business growth and innovation. We help you successfully implement business transformation and technology implementation projects for your business that are aligned to your strategy and help you achieve your business goals.

The team at MTN has collective experience in delivering more than $700M worth of projects from across Australia. The strength of MTN's global network of partners is availability of an on and offshore technology consulting and implementation partners that support you and understand the best technology fit for you and your business.

We offer a range of Services through our network of global partners who are the top providers in each of their key service categories. We have the best people and the best partners so that we can deliver successful projects for you and your business.

Our  Values
Honesty and integrity is a core value of MTN Consulting and is championed by the MTN team and our partners. We ensure we act with integrity and honesty with our customers, partners our employees in every decision we make.

Value is ensuring that our customers find themselves in a better and more stronger and more effective situation after engaging with us.

At MTN Consulting, we strive to complete our projects to the highest possible standards to deliver the best possible value to our clients. We do this through our Quality Assurance and Project governance processes.

At MTN Consulting we work with you to determine what the most critical aspects of any program we run for you. Once we have the goals and outcomes we are collectively striving for, you can that we will deliver on our promise to you to deliver the outcomes you desire.
We offer a range of Services through our network of global partners who are the top providers in each of their key service categories. We have the best people and the best partners so that we can deliver successful projects for you and your business.



Technology Strategy and Roadmaps
It is critical for every organisation to understand their current technology landscape and how it will likely change in the coming future. This is driven by various technology level strategy decisions and a roadmap of when technology uplift is required.

Technology Security Review
Working with our partners, MTN able to present to our clients a range of technology security review services, including cloud security, mobility security and overall enterprise security review.

Project Recruitment

We connect top calibre candidates with clients delivering business and technology projects. So, whether you need program managers, project managers, business analysts, change managers, architects or testers - we can help!

Target Operating Model design and Business Transformations
The technology solution must support the business, so we strongly believe in aligning the business to the technology through target operating model design and process improvement.


Web development
In today's business world, your website is your business's front door and lobby. We create beautiful, functional websites to deliver a user experience that your customers will love.

Mobile application development
Having an app used to be a luxury but not anymore. If your business doesn't have an app (or number of apps), you are missing out on many forms of additional revenue to your business. We develop apps for android and iPhones using the latest technology and innovation.

Enterprise software development
Our software architects can design and develop for your business custom made software solutions that meet the needs of every size of business. If you don't want to custom build, we can find you a cloud solution that meets your needs.

VR / MR Training development
Using the latest Halo Lens technology, MTN is proud to be able to offer the development of Virtual Reality or Mixed reality training content for use in your business. This is particularly powerful way of training your staff by immersing them in training in real life through support from technology

Communication Solutions

MTN is able to provide a range of high quality communications solutions including telephony, SMS outbound, SMS translation and a full service outsourced telephony solution.

Robotic Process Automation - RPA

Our Robotic process automation solution will help you to automate high volume processes such as invoice processing and integrate to your legacy applications. This solution is available in a SAAS or on premise solution.

RPA Training

For the first time in Australia, MTN consulting is pleased to present Robotic Process Automation training in Blueprism. UI Path and Automate anywhere. Register for our web based or classroom based training.

Virtual IVR and Chatbots

Using cutting edge technology including machine learning and robotics, MTN can build for your business a customised automated IVR or chatbots which will integrate into your existing channels such as your existing call centre or website. This allows a robot to be available to serve your customers (or staff) 24x7.

Data Analytics

There is a huge amount of data that we as organisations collect, but the most important asset that any business can develop is insights and learnings from leveraging their data. Our data scientists and analysts will help you uncover hidden value within your data already available to you as well as developing new and move innovative ways of data mining.