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Online Development


FAQ Interactive have over 7 years experience in web development, web design and search engine optimisation. This means we understand the ever-changing online world and can apply our knowledge to your product.

We are a one stop full service agency. You can save yourself time, money and sanity by choosing FAQ for all your online and offline design needs including your website, business stationery, corporate identity and much more.

We are website specialists and have built sites for some of Australia's online industries, regardless of location. Our connections and experience with online marketing and web design means we understand your business and what you need to achieve.

Our team has a wealth of experience in all things web and design and can help you improve your online presence, and consequently help your business grow and exceed.



FAQ has built & supported more than 500 websites, across a variety of different CMS platforms or built from the ground up. The web team is most proficient with WordPress & Kentico CMS platforms, though we do have experience with many other systems.

Bespoke Websites – offering specific languages for the most appropriate website outcome

Word Press – Simplifies the web build process

Content Management Systems for hands-on website content management

Hosting Storage - offers hosting and storage for your files and site as a part of our packages.


Using the latest in Microsoft & Amazon technologies & programming standards, FAQ’s development team build cutting-edge web applications, intended to increase productivity or to improve people’s lives.

Application Development – We connect your idea with the knowledge and wisdom require to make it a reality.

Database Solutions - database solutions and systems for your website or internal systems.

Professional Development – We bring an abundance of experience in programming languages and systems such as ASP .NET, Java, PHP and SQL. (Full list here) Opens a popup with all the speciality languages available.


Copywriting – we can not only create content for your site, but upload it and save you time and effort.

Google Adwords – Google advertising is an effective way to draw attention to your business

SEO – Ensures a higher ranking on search engines

Social Media – We will help you navigate and conquer the Social Media landscape


Corporate Identity – FAQ Interactive can assist you in promoting your company personality and corporate identity.

Marketing Collateral – FAQ Interactive can help you with all your communication collateral needs.

Email Marketing - Use electronic messages to directly e-newsletters and campaigns to a targeted audience.

Photography – We provide the knowledge, experience and know-how so you get the professional look that’s right for you.

Video – We can help you utilise video to provide the professional look for todays market.

Mobile Applications

Over the last 6 years, FAQ has designed, built and supported Apps for Government & community projects, Universities and several commercial ventures. We have integrated Apps with complex third party systems and wearable devices and we have created Apps that work 100% offline.

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What does a website cost
How do I promote a website
Project manage a website
Mobile app development

Ø Can you do this project for me within the scheduled time frame?

This is the starting point of your discussion with the development team. This question will help you understand their resource and availability and that if they intend to become your development partner, they will need to do their best in creating the right online presence to your business.

Ø How long have you been in business?

This will let you understand the industry experience of the developing team; the longer the better, as they would have got experience in working on various website and mobile app development projects covering various industries.

Ø What is the process you are going to implement for the development?

You need to know the preparedness and the plan the developer has for building your website or your mobile app. Pay attention to how they can implement their plan. Here their experience will play a great role as an experienced developer will be have a readymade project plan. They will know how to approach your set of requirements and take them to a higher level of execution through a well-founded
step by step process. The answer to this must be convincing and give you confidence as this is a key factor in your decision to contract a developer.

Ø When can you start my project?

A designer or a developer who is committed to other projects will ask for some time to begin working on your site. If they say that they can begin working immediately, you have to be wary about the work they are already doing as a busy developer or his team will not be waiting idly to take on your project immediately.

Ø Will they do the entire work themselves or outsource it to other companies?

This is important as most of the time, development companies have running arrangements with other companies that may have inferior standards to work for them. Though it is not possible to do the entire range of things that are necessary for completing a project in- house, you must know what are the requirements that will be outsourced and the ones that will be done by them. This will be a clear indication that the developer is facing a shortage of required skill sets or wants to cut costs.

Ø How many relevant references of your past clients can you give me?

Past clients can give the right type of input and comments on the way in which the development team has worked on their projects. They can tell you how their requirements were implemented on the website or mobile apps and whether they are satisfied with what they got for the price paid and the level of satisfaction they enjoyed with the team. Do not hesitate to talk to as many of them as possible to know the work standard and the expectations you can have of the development team.

Ø What is their offer for site or app maintenance post-launch?

Most of the developers include a complete maintenance package for a certain period of time after the launch and this will be included in the overall cost of the Site/ App development. However some other companies do not do so and may even want to enter into a separate contract for maintenance. You need to know in order to decide based on your specific requirement.

Ø How will they ensure on- time and on budget launch of the project?

This will ensure that they have a solid execution and implementation plan that will help them complete the website and mobile app work on time for the set launch date. As this is an essential part of the development work you need to pay attention to this and their response. Higher priced developments will accept penalties for overdue developments.

Ø Will there be any copyright or other legal problems with respect to the site or app files received?

The design and development of the website or the mobile app involves using many elements that may belong to third parties. The designer and developer must be very cautious in the materials they are using in your site so that none of them infringes any copyright or other legal matters. This will protect you against future possible litigation.

Ø Will I get all the original files?

Usually a development company completes the project and uploads them to the server, and does not give the original files to the buyer. In this case if issues arise and you need to fix them, you will not be able to get the original files. To avoid this you have to get all the original files from the developer soon after the launch of the site. These are only some of the general questions that will help you decide the suitability of the development team for your website or mobile app project and will help you ascertain how the company will respond to requests and help you bring your business idea to life and take it to the world.