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Online Development


Driven by our passion for innovation, 'metarouge' is an international Technology & Development firm. Our approach towards work goes beyond merely applying the latest innovations, technology, techniques and website develoment. At 'metarouge', it's all about our clients, their image, their brand, their customers, their process, products and services.

We build futuristic solutions. We develop all our solutions for today’s users while thinking ahead for tomorrow’s platforms. We’re passionate about web technologies and creating quality digital products that people actually want to use. Let’s join forces and bring your idea to life. Metarouge also offer On demand IT project resources.

“Great value for someone looking for lower cost overseas web, mobile and software development but managed by local project managers to ensure clear communications.” 


mobile app


Mobile Applications

Leading-edge mobile application development services.
• Android Applications
• iOS Applications
• Hybrid Applications

Web Applications

Innovative use of digital technologies and development for websites
• Complex Web Applications
• Cloud Development
• Application Development for Startups

Enterprise Solutions

Solutions for small, medium and large business.
ERP Implementation
CRM Implementation
HR & Payroll Solutions

E-Commerce Solutions

End-to-End E-Commerce Solutions.
• E-Commerce Application
• CRM AND ERP Integration
• Data Analytics Solutions

Legacy Software Modernisation

The step towards business agility.
• AS/400 - iSeries Application Modernization
• Web enabled AS/400 Applications
• Data Migration

Custom Built Software Solutions

We bring the expertise the develop and custom build software solutions for all devices and platforms.


Understanding your business to make it more profitable.
• Business & Operational Analysis
• System Analysis
• Performance improvement


Tailored CRM Solutions – Multiple users at a single user price
SuiteCRM is an open source CRM and has evolved from SugarCRM and has been compared with Salesforce and other well know CRM but without the price tag. It is available in both a free and paid option. An organization with the resources to tailor can use the free version and adapt it to their own requirements. Metarouge is a specialist in tailoring SuiteCRM to meet the specific requirements for organizations where you can tailor the software from single user to large multi-user systems.

About SuiteCRM
SuiteCRM is published under an open source licence – AGPLv3
All SuiteCRM code managed and developed by the project will be released as open source – AGPLv3
SuiteCRM support is available in both free and paid-for options