Affiliate Program

Like all business Commscloud has a marketing budget. We also know most of our business has come from referrals by clients and associates of Commscloud. with this in mind we have developed an affiliate program to reward individuals. We would much prefer to pay members of the Commscloud family.

Please contact us to if you are interested in having a closer look

Frequently asked questions

What does Commscloud do

Commscloud is focused on providing procurement services with access to products and services that improve business communications and online services for organisations across Australia. The services are provided by trusted and vetted businesses, solving real problems and bringing real solutions to the table. The Commscloud website provides the ability to compare service providers or request custom procurement services for more complex requirements.

Who is it for

Our target market is the SME market so if you are a business strategist, an accountant,  advertising agency, IT outsource company or in business development for communications and online services then we would have great synergies.

How much do I get paid

There is a 50/50 split on revenues, that’s 50% of revenues actually received by Commscloud for each opportunity you register. Commissions will be paid following received payment by Commscloud.

Can I get further help

The best email [email protected] or call 1300 85 75 76 and we’d be happy to assist you.

How are my referrals tracked back to me

After you apply you will be provided with a unique affiliate number that will be attached to you account and referrals.

What if I refer someone who is already a client, part of the Commscloud contact database or already registered by another affiliate.

You will only receive a commission on new clients you introduce. Therefore, someone that is already in the Commscloud contacts and affiliate database will not be eligible to become your referral.