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      Commscloud Makes Buying Communications and Online Services Easier.

We help you buy right

Commscloud is a specialist procurement service provider for communications and online services.  We save you time, money and provide choice when buying communications and online services from pre-qualified providers backed by the Commscloud Guarantee ensuring a better outcome and peace of mind.

Informed purchasing, value for money, service delivery and ethical standards are the core of Commscloud.

Commscloud offers the ability to engage with pre-qualified communications and online service providers to obtain competitive quotes.

This extends to consulting to organisations to better define requirements and provide custom vendor search and negotiation services. Our specialist knowledge provides organisations with the ability to find the best service or solution to a current requirement and negotiate for the best outcome based on real understanding of that requirement and the marketplace.

CommsCloud is one of Australia’s largest communications service provider networks. With 25 service providers across five areas.

Our qualified providers offer:

  • Development Services for Web, Mobile, Software.
  • Business messaging services for SMS, fax, text to speech, voice, email.
  • Conferencing services offering on demand and event conference services across all conferencing technologies.
  • Telephony services incorporating internet connectivity across NBN, fibre connections, IP connections directly into low-cost carriers for value for money VOIP services.
  • Managed IT services.

Commscloud doesn’t have any ties to any one particular service provider, giving you choice. We look for differentiation in our service providers that bring real value and solve real problems. Our supplier qualification process mandates that we vet our service providers for Service Delivery, Customer Service, Culture and Ethics, to ensure that there’s a best match between service providers and clients.

Commscloud provides:

  • A Choice of Pre-Qualified Service Providers
  • Supplier Advisory Services
  • Procurement Negotiation Services
  • Provider Account Management Services
  • Invoice Vetting Services
  • Custom procurement services
  • Tender Writing Services
  • Tender Response Services

Why engage a substandard provider or pay an over inflated price just because you don’t have the time for effective research.