Time slows down the faster an object moves

inbound phone service

This paradox can become a reality.

Have you ever felt that as soon as you jump onto the information highway you seem to lose time as you try to squeeze more management of technology into your day?

The fact is we are all getting busier with the growth in technology and creation of new applications requiring investigation and assessment to understand their value. Better communication processes are being developed to reduce cost, improve efficiency and improve the business bottom line but we don’t get allocated additional resource to properly investigate these IT communication opportunities. That is something you fit into your otherwise very busy day.

You want to communicate better with your key constituents and stakeholders. Your customers are being contacted through new services and applications by your competitors. The threat to your customer base is real and needs to be addressed.

Time Masters

Commscloud realized that most organisations don’t have the IT procurement resources to find and take advantage of effective technologies. That’s why we have built the Commscloud Service Provider Hub.

Broadly the Hub is made up of Business Messaging, Conferencing, VoIP, Inbound Call management, SIP, and Internet providers. In addition the Hub provides Web and Mobile App development, networking and Virtual environment providers, design services and Hub related consultancies.

The hub is totally transparent so you can use it as a centralized area to investigate solutions and services free of charge, check out participating supplier web sites and submit questions for Commscloud to find the answers for you.

Rather than research the multiple supplier web sites looking for solutions yourself, speak to us directly so we can help match your requirement with the most appropriate supplier. If we don’t have a supplier that matches your requirement we can go to market and find the solution for you. Our fully documented research service for specific solutions based on specification is available. It’s like an outsourced procurement and research tool that allows you to do your day to day work in a time poor world.

The messaging area covers Fax, Email, SMS and voice messaging. If you are looking for a service that requires no contract and innovative applications. We have a supplier for you. If you’re looking for an integrated SMS service with an HTML5 landing page builder. Look no further. If you want a simple Email to SMS or email to text to speech or email to fax service, we have it.

You may be looking for a mobile app for push notification for your particular industry or a web services solution for better communications, it’s here.

Are you looking for a fresh and functional look for your website. Look no further we had providers for all budgets and website types.

We have conferencing services for telephone, web and video. Do you want that as a service or are you a hardware kind of person?

Do you want to move your systems to the cloud? Have we got a virtual environment for you.

Are you looking to reduce your phone costs either through a full VoIP provided service or as a direct SIP connection to your switch. For example we can provide fixed to mobile rates of 7c per min and no SIP charge. You will be astonished by the rates we get.

Are you looking for an effective and cost conscious inbound phone service? We have that to.

All the services above are available in different flavors but perhaps you need someone to reverse the process and look at your service from an outside – in approach as a consultancy project to achieve the best result for your bottom line.

The end result of all this is time slows down so you have the time to take advantage of the ever increasing speed of technological change, providing the resource you need to improve the profit line of your business.

For further information www.commscloud.com.au



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