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Tele-sense was born when a salesperson asked the question,

Why dont we remove services that businesses dont use from their phone bill?.

The impact this would have on small to medium sized organisations profit was quickly realised, where legacy services often take up large portions of an organisations telecommunications bill.

It became the mission of Tele-sense to create a medium through which we could assist and compound the savings of a business through reviewing, removing and renegotiating their terms. If you do require a new telephony system after the review, we are only more then happy to go to market to find you the best product for you without you having to deal with pushy sales people.

With fees only based on success, the more you save, the more we save. Were here to help.


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Invoice Review Service

Tele-sense reviews your telecommunications to save you money on your current spend, we review, remove and renegotiate with your current supplier.
We guarantee that if we do not save your money you will not pay anything.

Only if we save you money do we then invoice you for the savings of the first 3 months. Again we confirm we are only paid on success, if we do not save you any money we do not generate any revenue.
We create like for like services, advise on how to simplify operations and assist in helping users to work from home.