Do you get confused about types of Internet connectivity

types of internet connectivity

Understanding Internet Connectivity – Why is this important?

Commscloud accesses internet services from a number of suppliers but it is important to have some understanding of the internet world.

Think of the Internet as a mode of data delivery that can come in different flavours.

  1. ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, and Broadband provide different upload and download speeds but generally upload speeds are very low in comparison to download speeds and are just providing a connection from your modem to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) that then allows you to browse web sites. This is a shared service so your speed will be determined by other users traffic. SHDSLis business grade ADSL but provides the same upload / download speeds although the service is not a dedicated service. Why is this important? If you want a functioning VoIP service you should consider the number of employees in your office as this will not provide you with the upload speed you require for an office over 8 people.
  2. Point to Point IP Transit provides a dedicated link from 1 IP address or range of IP addresses to another specific IP address or range of IP addresses. 10Mb upload and 10Mb download (10M/10Mb) ensures you get the speed you require and is unlimited. Why is this important? You need to consider the number or people in your office and the internet requirement i.e. if you are an architectural firm sending large files and have an office of 20+ then 20/20Mg or 50/50Mg may be more appropriate.
  3. Connectivity is also important. If you are at an address where you can connect directly to Fibre Optic or Lit Fibre provides the ability to send and receive data at very fast speeds. Why is this important? If you can get this then your speed to cost ratio will much better and worthwhile considering and at least being aware of. You should also know that lit fibre provides you with the connectivity equipment required for the service to function.
  4. Dark fibre is unlit fibre which just means that you get just the use of the fibre but have to provide your own equipment to connect the fibre to you and your final point. Why is this important? This fibre is fast and cheaper than lit fibre but requires you to provide the connectivity equipment at either end of the fibre and technical knowhow to implement.
  5. If you are not close to Fibre then you can use Ethernet over the first mile (EFM) to connect you to an exchange where fibre will be located via telco copper. Why is this important? You need to understand this so you know what internet is available in your office if you are planning a move or are looking for bandwidth solutions.
  6. There is also the option if fibre is close then you can connect from your address to the fibre in the street if it is closer that an exchange which may be cheaper. Why is this Important? You need to know this to know your options for connectivity outcomes when moving or upgrading.
  7. Quality of Service (QoS) or class of service provides that when you connect to the internet link you are able to segregate capacity to prioritise voice traffic for VoIP services over data services to ensure voice quality is maintained during high usage periods. Why is this important? If you are implementing a VoIP service you need to know that you are getting QoS to ensure voice and video quality.
  8. NBN – emerging tech designed around resident but also business grade solutions are being bruoght to the market. Until the rollout has achieved a critical mass service availability is very limited.


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