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After building businesses for over 20 years I know that connecting your business to the outside world is not as easy as it seems if you want to do it the best way possible. There are so many variables when you start and it only gets more complex.

You build a website, start working with social media, join associations and begin networking collecting names and prospects that’s the start of your prospect data base.

You do some business with someone and gain your first referral and so your business grows. This is when you start to look at the broader picture with actually delivering your product or service, providing customer support, managing the financial aspects of the business and how the business functions as a whole. Expenses start to grow your time is stretched, you need to work smarter, manage you expenses and realise you’re in business for profit. The critical mass your business needs to survive is expanding as your business costs start to grow as well. Lack of process is taking you away from selling so you get someone in to concentrate of sales giving you time to concentrate on building the business and managing those costs. Cost of sales has just doubled with your new sales person. You see the need to bring more sales leads. The new sales person is good but it’s not like it’s her own business.

If you offer a range of related products or services then the best place to find new business is your client base connecting with them through great customer service. What do you use to connect, Email, SMS, the phone? How do you connect with the prospect database you have built to bring in more revenue. Integrating Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software with all your contacts to make a phone call, send an email. Sending an SMS or voice broadcast message is not good for business acquisition but for business retention or a business process like debt collection they are appropriate.

Now that you are employing more people you need to start thinking about phone systems, servers to network your office so staff can collaborate, email systems.

Your looking for advice on how to manage your digital office and the business communications services required to connect your business to the world.

You talk with business associates, research the web looking for answers but you sell widgets or ABC services. Your not a specialist in software, IT infrastructure or business communications services so you look for someone that has access to multiple service providers across the digital office footprint.

That’s where Commscloud started. Every business is different and requires different solutions based on their unique requirements. Every day we speak with organisations looking for ideas and service providers who can delivery. This blog will talk about the ideas and solutions that help business operate more efficiently, more securely, provide better customer service and become more profitable. stay tuned.



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