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Marx Technology is an innovative company who provide business solutions to private, government & not-for-profit organisations.

We like to introduce businesses to a new world of possibilities; particularly in the way people interact.
We specialise in communication products that help streamline & simplify business process. In today’s environment, productivity & efficiency are more important than ever. Our solutions will help to ensure you’re utilising your time effectively, whilst reducing your costs & overheads. We have partnered with global companies to provide world-leading products, without compromising on personalised, local service.

With head office located in Adelaide, we have a passion for working closely with the South Australian market.


Audio Conferencing

Reservationless Conferencing
Reservationless Conferencing allows you to get in touch with your clients & colleagues, from anywhere around the globe, at any time. With no need to book ahead, simply dial your personal conference number, enter the security code & you’re connected. The easy-to-use system offers great audio quality, using the latest PSTN technology to provide you with clear, crisp meetings.
Reservationless Conferencing also works hand-in-hand with our web conferencing platforms.

Operator Assisted
For larger calls, you may prefer to request an operator to assist in your conference.
Our operators can dial out to participants, welcome attendees to the call, plus introduce speakers during the meeting.
Operator Assisted calls are perfect for large company updates, investor relation calls, or even first time conferencing users.
As always, these calls can be integrated with our web conferencing solutions to add further value to your meetings.

Messaging Gateways

Business Fax Solutions
Fax messaging is still an integral part of many industries, and sending faxes has never been so easy. We provide tailored fax solutions to help automate business process.
Broadcast faxing can be integrated with your current systems, eliminating the need for slow, manual tasks that reduce your overall efficiency. Integrated fax systems are typically used for sending customer invoices, contracts & account statements.
Fax to mail (f2m) eliminates the need for expensive fax servers by routing faxes via email. To send a fax, simply compose an email & attach the document you would like to send inbound faxes are then converted to PDF documents & attached to emails. This leads to a paperless, easy to manage administration process with no hardware required.

Business SMS Solutions
In todays society, communicating via your mobile phone is becoming second nature to many. With the introduction of smart phones, SMS messaging can be successfully used in a business environment to delivery timely notifications to clients & colleagues.
Similarly to our business fax solutions, text messaging can be integrated with your internal software to streamline your business process. We provide support & help you connect with our API, allowing messages to be sent straight from your current software. Our API is flexible so third party developers can work together with our technical support team to create a tailored solution.
Messages can be personalised to include recipient details, plus you’re able to set up two-way-messaging & ask for responses. SMS is being successfully utilised in a range of industries, and is commonly used to deliver business critical information, as well as appointment reminders & general notifications.

Electronic Data Interchange - EDI

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is fast becoming a necessity for many companies around the world. EDI replaces slow manual processes by automating the data transfer between businesses. We work closely with our clients to establish a solution that allows electronic documents to be transferred from one computer system to another. With several EDI services, we tailor a system to suit the size of your company & it’s requirements.
EDI helps to increase business efficiency, and is effectively used to streamline tasks such as invoicing & processing purchase orders. As EDI continues to develop, companies will have a great opportunity to strengthen & grow new relationships with partners who also utilise electronic data.

Web and Video Conferencing

For the ultimate in web conferencing technology, look no further than Cisco WebEx. With a choice of four collaboration centres, we tailor a solution to you & your company needs.
All WebEx centres fully integrate with our audio solutions, providing the complete collaboration experience.

WebEx Meeting Centre: Ideal for regular meetings with groups who demand to share documents, view presentations & stream live video.

WebEx Training Centre: Added features such as testing & break out rooms allow you to run successful training sessions from anywhere, at any time.

WebEx Event Centre: The perfect replacement for large, physical events – switch to online meetings to broaden your market & increase attendance.

WebEx Support Centre: Resolve your IT issues remotely, without the hassle of phone calls & on-site visits.

For an easy-to-use & cost effective web conferencing platform, Marx Technology Unified Meeting is perfect.
This feature-rich platform enables audio, web & video to be integrated right from your desktop. The user-friendly interface allows desktop sharing, remote support & full audio control with the click of a button. There’s no downloads required, allowing your colleagues & clients to join your meeting instantly.
Meetings can be scheduled straight from your Outlook calendar & can be opened straight from your desktop.

Adobe Connect delivers rich, impactful visuals & can be used on virtually any device. This solution is based on Adobe Flash technology, which is installed on almost all Internet connected computers. As a result, hosts are able to set up meetings quickly & participants are able to join conferences effortlessly.
Adobe Connect also integrates with Marx Technology Reservationless Conferencing to provide a well-rounded meeting room.