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This is what we’re all about. We are a messaging integration specialist organisation and passionate about providing smarter mobile engagement solutions to make your marketing and communications as easy as possible. We focus on the technology that delivers results – mobile engagement and payment solutions. Our technology platforms are packed with features and uses designed specifically to help your business performance and operations. Our backstage teams are there to support you around-the-clock, from managed services and customer care to technical support and full compliance – giving you total peace of mind. With advanced, scalable functionality and real-time reporting & analytics, every campaign at every touch-point is focused for better engagement.


Engage Platform

Engage is a mobile engagement platform containing all of the tools you need for effective SMS communication

Run data-driven campaigns
Analyse the results of your campaigns instantly to gain valuable insights into your campaign performance and continuously improve the effectiveness of your future campaigns.

Create engaging moments
With the easy-to-use drag and drop functionality within Engage, you can create, edit and design mobile landing pages in minutes. Simply add images, audio and video to bring your mobile marketing to life.

SMS Messaging
Engage is a carrier grade gateway using an onshore messaging service meaning that messages are sent direct to mobile phones via Australian carriers only.
• Customisable sender IDs to personalise your messages
• Flexible API access for integration with your existing systems
• Enhanced Delivery Receipting to track who receives your messages

Two-way SMS an Inbox
Set up 2 way SMS messaging via dedicated inboxes to receives replies to your messages
• Dedicated inbox
• Track individual responses
• Forward to specified email addresses

Contact Management

Add and edit entire databases or individual contacts whenever you need to and create Groups based on CRM data.
• Upload data from existing systems using file types such as .csv / .xls
• Or use flexible APIs to link to existing CRM systems
• Opt in and Opt out management

Campaign Calendar
Engage's unique campaign calendar allows you to view all of your message sends throughout the year.
• Schedule messages up to a year in advance with templates
• View all messages in 1 easy calendar view
• Copy messages from one time period to the next.

Set customised data fields for your contacts for filtering and personalising messages
• Unlimited number of data fields can be configured
• Groups can be configured by selecting data fields
• Messages can be personalised according to data fields
• Use myCRM API for integration into existing CRM systems


Instant campaign reports to see which users have received messages, which have responded and which links they have visited.
• Analyse conversions immediately
• Compare campaign results with A/B Testing

A range of flexible administration option to help you manage your account
• Create and Manage user profiles
• Create and manage cost centre accounts
• Report on user and account usage

Engage uses the latest HTML5 technology in its Mobile Web Page Builder to bring SMS communications to life.
• Build a mobile web page in minutes
• Select from a range of options, such as Forms, Rich Media and more
• Add the mobile web page to your SMS message
• Renders perfectly to any mobile device

Add rich media to your mobile web pages including
• Video
• Images including slide shows
• Audio
Rich media is great from bringing your communications alive and sharing content.


• Engage's click to pay feature integrates easily with Paypal in less than 5 minutes.
• Paypal lets you pay and get paid without revealing any financial information. Using the latest data encryption and anti-fraud technology, Paypal keeps information secure and reduces the risk of online fraud.
• Paypal has more than 6 million active consumer accounts in Australia and more than 110,000 merchants, making it the most trusted way to pay online and on mobile.
• It is quick and easy to register for a Paypal account to receive funds from Paypal's 6 million users.

Add forms to your mobile web page to capture a variety of data including:
• Forms can be used for capturing market research data
• Registering for events or newsletters
• Updating contact details or account preferences easily

Adding a click to call button to a mobile web page is a simple way to direct people to call you when required.
• Add and Edit your click to call number
• Compatible with any number type from any provider

Integrate the mobile channel for better communication

We’re passionate about developing new ways for businesses to communicate with their customers.
The key to effective mobile messaging is integration to existing business systems. Mobile integration allows various platforms to communicate for an effective two way SMS solution.
We offer a full suite of flexible and intelligent APIs and workflow Builder tools to implement mobile messaging within your business quickly and easily to deliver timely, relevant, personal mobile interactions triggered by your business systems.

Intelligent & Flexible APIs
Over the past 15 years we've used our programming expertise to develop powerful messaging APIs that are straightforward to implement and connect existing business systems with mobile messaging.
Our APIs can be directly integrated into your current systems, providing a straightforward interface that enables you to automatically send and receive SMS text messages whilst harnessing the power of the cloud.

• Our most popular API
• Connects only when traffic is received
• Provides delivery receipts
• Protects your traffic using a secure encryption (HTTPs/SSL)
• Two-way messaging is supported
• Real-time analytics: Every message generates a delivery receipt
• Dynamic Sender ID’s are supported dependent on destination
• Extended length/ concatenated messages are supported


• ermanent connection
• API designed specifically for transmission of SMS
• Recommended for carrying a very high volume of messages
• Offers carrier grade connection
• Two way messaging supported
• Real-time analytics: Every message will generate a delivery receipt
• Dynamic Sender ID supported
• Extended length/ concatenated messages are supported

The myCRM API allows you to get the right message, to the right user at the right time by integrating your CRM data to our messaging platform
• Integration from any existing CRM platform
• Set any number and combination of CRM fields
• Ideal for clients to trigger personalise messages
• Real-time database filtering on outbound campaigns
• myCRM capabilities are available within any Engage HTML5 campaign

Our Email 2 SMS service allows clients to send SMS messages using almost any email programme including Microsoft Outlook.
Quick and easy integration to almost any email client or business application including:
• Oracle
• Siebel
• Sage
• Outlook SMS
• Lotus Notes


• Our Look Up API provides a means to verify the status and network of any mobile number (Dependent on country availability)
• The API enables you to submit individual numbers or batches and can be used in conjunction with Direct Control Mobile’s SMS delivery APIs, such as HTTP or SMPP.
• The web interface feature, called Data Washer, also available in Direct Control Mobile, enables a CSV file upload of numbers for cleaning up existing databases, the results of which can be emailed to a nominated email address.

Want to create something a little more unique where an 'Off the shelf' offering doesn’t quite cut it?
Unlike most platforms, we will not dictate the structure of an API. Our dynamic integration tools can create bespoke APIs to interact seamlessly with your own or third party platforms regardless of the protocol used. So whether it be REST / SOAP requests using JSON or XML we can cater to all.


• A unique workflow tool for intelligent messaging services
• Builder allows enterprises to quickly and cost effectively build complex services without the need for bespoke programming or coding.
• Builder allows easy cloning and copying of services to test and optimise different workflows.

Builder can perform single transactions or can be built out to encompass any number of scenarios, mixing and matching triggers and actions, and automating almost any process encompassing SMS, Voice and Internet communication channels.
Expand your creations using the Lua scripting function and take your ideas to another level.
Enjoy the flexibility to create bespoke API’s for endless possibilities when connecting with external apps.

Use Builder in conjunction with our suite of APIs to build complex workflows without the need for bespoke coding.
Workflows can be created in minutes, tested for efficacy, cloned and made live.
The extensive selection of user states offers a huge range of options to developers for workflow construction


Integration Partners
Hoosh Marketing

Software Partners
We are a Launch Point Partner working with Marketo's Marketing Automation Platform.

Mobile Automation Applications

Appointment reminders
Delivery notifications
Late payment notifications
Booking confirmations
Loyalty programs
Two factor authentication
Transaction notifications
Policy and contract renewals
Mobile Surveys