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We offer a full suite of assisted and unassisted Teleconferencing services for all your business communications needs. As a conference bridge manufacturer, we have access to industry-leading technologu and some of the most competitive rates in the market. Our bridges are located in Australia and New Zealand. Supported by redundant telecommunications suppliers. We can ensure the highest call quality and most reliable service





Unassisted conferencing
Self-managed conference calls for your daily meetings & events. An unassisted account gives you access to our unassisted conferencing bridge

Operator Assisted Calls
Assisted Teleconferencing ensures high participation rates and a professional approach to your meeting. Our operators will dial out to your participants.

Webcasting and Streaming
Communicating via the web, or in conjunction with your conference or teleconference is an inexpensive way to ensure your message reaches as many people as possible in cost effective hi-tech distribution.

Web Conferencing
C-Meeting is an innovative platform that goes beyond the limits of traditional web-based communication by integrating audio and webcam support, document sharing, text chatting and more.

Media Conferencing
Our managed interview service is the perfect solution for your media calls or live-to-air interviews. An operator will formally introduce talent & journalists and monitor the entire call.


Meeting Space Solutions
Our recommended solutions can help you visualise how video conferencing could improve your office space. Whether you have a small meeting area, a large boardroom or a full auditorium, we can provide the hardware, consultancy and support to help you connect faster and meet smarter.

We have video conferencing rooms for hire at our Brisbane head office, as well as connections in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart and across New Zealand.

Video Service Solutions
Telehealth solutions are not just for patients, they can also benefit your medical teams with greater team communication, increased billable hours, and better access to training resources and specialist advice. Increase communication between your teams to deliver a greater level of patient care.

Encourage greater participation, collaboration and interaction in your classrooms. Video conferencing, e-learning and other SMART solutions can open up a new world of collaboration in your class rooms.

Managed Events
Chorus Call has many solutions, either automated or operator assisted, to ensure your messages are received loud and clear to as many as 1000 simultaneous lines.
Our Managed Event Conferencing provides you with a dedicated conference operator who will completely manage all aspects of the conference call. From booking the conference to post-event reporting, we’ll ensure that your meeting runs smoothly. For important calls with many participants all over the world, no other solution provides more peace of mind.

PERFECT FOR: Investor financial results presentations, press releases, employee meetings, training sessions, annual general meetings (AGM), product launches & more