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Converged Communication Network Applications Pty Ltd (CCNA) delivers leading technology solutions and services within the Enterprise, Government, and Carrier market place. The innovative design, development, and implementation of converged communication network applications are our core area of expertise. Our approach is to provide our customers with a flexible outcome driven road map to their technology needs.

Over and above voice and video applications, CCNA focuses on ensuring network continuity for such applications as: Unified Communications, Collaboration, Virtualisation, and Mobility real time service offerings. An understanding of all critical business application services ensures that maximum business returns are achieved across multiple vendors. CCNA customers are developing and deploying multiple vendor technologies throughout a network of locations.

Our Solution Offerings include the following:

•IP Telephony and Video
•Networks, Cabled and Wireless
•Call Centre Solutions
•Multi-media offerings including email, web chat, web collaboration and SMS
•Unified Communications
•Desktop Solutions

Questions people often ask are: Tell me about your QoS - Quality of service?


Infrastructure Management

CCNA provides Data Centre and Computer Room solutions for all requirements, from a primary data centre to the small branch location. CCNA offers a total end to end solution that includes the infrastructure, and technical experience required to set up and maintain a data centre solution. It is about keeping data centres, telecom networks and business applications up and running, and doing so more energy efficiently.
CCNA’s Always On Solutions include the following:
• Infrastructure Management & Monitoring
• DC & AC Power Systems
• Industrial Power
• Precision Cooling Systems
• Racks & Integrated Cabinets
• Power Switching & Controls
• Outside Plant Solutions
• Embedded Computing
• Embedded Power
• Connectivity Solutions
• 24×7 Local Support – Anywhere in the World

Voice and Video

Communications solutions are migrating from proprietary based platforms to new standards based approach with next generation gateways, SIP, and Services Orientated Architecture.  CCNA is focused on developing solutions with an open standard approach, lead innovation in virtualization, securing communications, and design resiliency within our solutions.  This enables us to give vendoragnostic advice to our clients, and deliver the best-fit technology for their current needs, budget, interoperability with their existing network and
delivering future proofing.  Our voice and video consultation practice focuses on addressing areas of productivity, interoperability, ease of use, identifies the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and delivering Return on Investments (ROI).

CCNA focuses on ensuring network continuity for applications such as: Unified Communications,Collaboration, Virtualisation, Network Security, HD Video, and other real time service offerings. Our convergence design and implementation planning is initially focused on ensuring customer network readiness for deploying any converged applications.  An in-depth understanding of all critical business services ensures that maximum business returns are achieved across multiple vendors. Specifically, these services will centre on IP telephony, data infrastructure, network security and management tools, business
productivity applications, and call centre applications.

Contact Centre

CCNA’s has significant experience in Contact Centres with over 200 deployments in the last 4 years in the Enterprise, Education, and Government sectors. We have Designed, Deployed and Maintained the latest Call Centre Technologies, such as:
• Voice (Elite and AACC)
• Multi-Media (Email, Fax, Web Chat)
• Voice Portal and MPS Solutions including Speech Recognition and Text To Speech
• Customised Softphone and CTI applications
• ERP and Database integration, WFM feeds
• Reporting – Customised reports on CMS, IQ and AACC
• Multi-Vendor environments
• Outsourced, Insurance and Government examples
• Building highly resilient Contact Centre Applications in for DR
• Call Recording, Quality Management, Workforce Management, Analytics
• National/International Distributed Call Centres.

Converged Networks

CCNA offers a full suite of Network based products and services catering for solutions with Switches and Routers, Wireless Networks, WAN Accelerators and Optimisers, and VPNs and Firewalls. We also work closely with carriers and can bundle their offerings into a managed solution. CCNA has animplementation team with years of experience in deploying enterprise wide network solutions.

Network Infrastructure
CCNA offers switching and routing products designed to securely deliver Layer 2 and 3 connectivity for converged networking. Our WAN and LAN solutions include Power over Ethernet switches in a variety of sizes. Our portfolio offers for a wide range of customer budgets and performance requirements. From
Desktop through to Data Centre solutions, designed and implemented to offer the flexibility, performance and cost effectiveness to deploy next generation technology today.

Wireless Network Solutions
CCNA offers a variety of reliable cost effective Wireless solutions ranging from the Campus Environment,Large Office, Branch Offices, and Outdoor based solutions. It is imperative that wireless solutions support voice, video, and applications, with the key elements of security and easy centralised
administration. CCNA has successfully deployed many wireless network solutions catering for different styles of customers and different provisioned solutions. CCNA has strong relationships with the majority of large Wireless vendors.

Network Applications
Application Switches, Accelerators and WAN optimisation offerings are designed by CCNA to deliver application security, availability, and performance for the organisations end users, by managing and accelerating traffic over the  network.

Building a converged voice and data network is becoming mainstream, thus there is some commoditization of these services and product offerings. SIP is bringing a new age of integration challenges and requires a disciplined approach for the sophisticated user.

Presence and Collaboration

CCNA provides presence and collaboration solutions around your set of communications tools to improve efficiency, knowledge sharing and processes across the business. CCNA can consolidate the multiple end user interfaces across your desktop, email, web chat, telephony and documents into an easy to use client interface for the end users and an easily administered solution for the IT team. CCNA works with solutions from desktop providers and telephony providers. We provide services around integrating these solutions together to provide a total end to end consolidated Unified Communication solution.
CCNA look at all of the following components of the customers communication channels when designing a unified communications solution;
• Telephony
• Video
• Networks
• Email
• Calendaring
• Mobile Devises
• Desktop Applications
• Web Chat and Web Centric Applications
• ERP applications

The following business considerations are essential to consider when putting together a customer UC solution.
• Existing Technology Investment
• Value to the Business
• ROI – Value to the customer
• Customer Adoption willingness
• Administration
• Reporting


CCNA sell a range of IT CCNA sell a range of IT Products and Infrastructure products including Handsets, Headsets, Mobile Phones, Gateways, Access Points, Data Switches, Servers, Laptops and Desktops, Firewalls, Storage, Racks, UPS and Cooling.
CCNA Supply the following vendors’ products and can turn around a quote quickly for you.

Voice Contact Center and Data Solutions
imageData,Servers and Laptop Solutions

Data Solutions
imageHyper-Converged Solutions
Wireless Networking

Data Centre Switching
imagePower Cooling and Monitoring
Call and Screen Recording

Workforce Optimisation

Load Balancers
imageNetwork Control Solutions
Hosted UC and Session Solutions

Data Solutions
imageHyper-Converged Solutions
Wireless Networking

imageAdvanced Conference Systems


• Reliable service delivery: You must be 100% confident that your service providers
uptime meets industry standards and has the support structures in place to ensure they are able to restore the
service as fast as possible if it goes down to mitigate any business loss.

• Network security: Due to increasing Cyber-attacks, the system you select must be
able to withstand attacks from cybercriminals. It must fully conform to the latest
standards in cybersecurity.

• Flexibility: Telecom technology is ever-changing, and the service provider you
choose needs to be flexible enough to provide timely upgrades and inform you about
them as they become available.

• Customisation: The service you choose should provide the ability to select only the services
relevant to your business and perhaps offer customized inclusion.

• Customer support: This is a very important aspect of your service and you must know how fast your service provider responds to your need and how they are able to
understand your changing requirements and provide clear reporting when required.

• Best value for money: In business, a higher price doesn't always imply the best service and you therefore
need to find the telecom service provider who offers you the best value for money for your specific circumstances.

Ø Are you offering a hosted or managed VoIP service?
A managed VoIP system is more expensive initially as the entire set up will be installed in
your premises, you will need to provide a secure and airconditioned environment, need
to protect your equipment, be prepared to troubleshoot issues that need immediate
attention and be effectively responsible for the management and maintenance of your
VoIP setup. Whereas with a hosted set up the entire equipment and service will be
managed by the service provider or a third party.

Ø Does the VoIP service come with mobile integration?
Look for a VoIP system that comes with mobile integrations as the world moves to
mobility. It will give you and your workers with the ability to participate in video
conference calls and answer direct calls even when they are outside your office
improving productivity.

Ø Tell me about your Quality of Service (QOS)
QoS is an essential feature that prioritizes internet traffic for voice over data traffic to maintain voice quality.

Ø Will you test and tell me if my internet line is ready for using VoIP?
The quality of the VoIP system depends on the quality and type of internet service you
use. This will test your current internet speed. Ascertain from them if your connectivity is adequate or requires improvement.

Ø What are my options to get the required internet connectivity?
Your internet connectivity will need to be matched to the size of your operation. You may be connected to the NBN or have a
bandwidth which will do the job for a 15 - 20 person office and the type of work that office does. You may also employ a call
centre that requires Fibre connectivity or you may need to use ethernet to connect to a local exchange for a first mile or
last mile solution. The cost of these solutions will affect the cost of any solution.

Ø What is the total cost of the service?
This should come out at the proposal stage but you need to get a ballpark idea of the cost you may need pay for the
VoIP service as part of your short-listing process. This includes connectivity costs, the cost of equipment and installation
and other service-related expenses. Are you going to be charged for managing and maintaining your system in addition to the call
charges? Check if they are adding some unneeded services as a part of the package and adding more to your overall costs. You need
to decide if this provider is realistically within budget.

Ø Is your system scalable?
When you are expanding, your VoIP system also must expand to provide the required
level of service. Ascertain if the service you are selecting now is cloud-based and can
be scaled up to your required level at any time. Again, check if future expansion plans will
suit your connectivity requirements.

Ø Will you be providing me with any application or equipment to test
the quality of the VOIP service?
As maintaining high-quality calls on your VoIP service is necessary, it would be very
helpful if a shortlisted company could provide any application or equipment to test and
check the quality of service as part of the management of the ongoing service.

Ø How much I can save on my current phone bills when I opt for your
VoIP service?
This is to check if there is a real cost advantage of going for a VoIP service over using the
regular phone service. Do the comparison you may find that sticking with your current set up is in fact your best option.

Ø What are the main features available in the VoIP service?
This will provide you with the features that come bundled with the service package and
help you determine that the service you are selecting has all the necessary features required
for your business. This may include reporting and advanced analytics for calls center

Ø Do you offer a money back guarantee in case I am not satisfied with
your service?
This is an essential part of your contract and will help you exit the service if you
do not want to continue with your VoIP service provider.

Ø What are your equipment return policies?
Check if they are going to charge for the equipment you have used when you cancel the
service and implications of any other terms.

Ø What are the terms of the contract if I choose to go with your VoIP
This will give the main terms of the service you are getting from the provider.
Understand payment terms for cash flow requirements and warranties for service
delivery redress. Don't avoid checking the detail as there is real money sitting in those

Ø Are my numbers locked into a complex number block affecting
Portability is the ability to move a number from one carrier to another. Understanding portability is essential. Is your number tied to a number block limiting number portability? There are categories of number for porting purposes both CatA, a standard port and Cat C, more complex port. Be prepared to allow 20 plus business days minimum if you have a CatC port with multiple numbers that may be tied to a hunt group. CatA is a simple port that can be completed within a week or two.

Ø Are additional features that add value to the VoIP service available
free as add-ons to your main VoIP account?
This is an opportunity to reduce add-on costs. You can avoid paying more for some
of the features that you will only be using occasionally.

Ø Do you offer any backup service in case there is an outage of the
regular VoIP service?
This will help you continue your business communication without any downtime while the
an outage is being fixed ie internet auto changes to 4G.

Ø Is the equipment you are offered as part of the contract rented or
Your provider will include VoIP phones that are specially made for VoIP services. This
will address operational costs, the total cost of ownership and cash flow. A VoIP router is
also necessary equipment for allocating the right bandwidth to your VoIP service and
maintains quality of calls.

Ø What are the equipment terms, and what is the time period when I
am eligible to retain the equipment in case I have to change the VoIP
service providers?
This relates to the situation when you are forced to change the providers, as equipment
including phones can range from a couple of hundred dollars to well over one thousand
dollars per phone dependent on your requirements.

Ø What about customer service?
Are they providing 24/7 customer service through technically qualified people and
what is their level of commitment for very high uptime and what is their contingent
plan for rectifying any outages at the earliest possible time?

Ø How reliable is your service?
This gives the reliability factor for your service. Is it 99.999% uptime and do you need 99.999%
for your type of business.

Ø What is your support structure?
This is to know the service escalation points or “go to” people in an organisation based
on issue severity and to maximize response levels.

Ø What is your product range and product offerings?
Ask this question to find a product or service that has not been offered in case they
have an undisclosed offering that may be a better fit.

Ø What are the features of your call centre solution?