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IT Services


At a high level, we are 100% Australian owned cloud service provider. Our team have been providing IT infrastructure and services to Australian businesses for over 15 Years. We have proven track records in large IT roles, projects and relationships with market leading suppliers. We are an enthusiastic, dynamic and professional cloud service provider, who is dedicated to delivering technical solutions and advice with a maximum focus on helping optimise your business use of cloud technology and keeping costs down.

We have a dedicated team of cloud architects, cloud solution designers, system engineers, project managers and telecommunications specialists. Our staff are professionally qualified and hold various industrial qualifications and certifications. We have successfully delivered infrastructure projects and have been supporting all sizes of companies as cloud service providers.

We specialise in providing (tailored) cloud based solutions to anyone/to our clients from home users to larger enterprises. We deliver desktop as a service (DaaS) and offer IT infrastructure as a service (ITaaS) from the cloud.

Our ground breaking new solution WebDesktop virtual desktop is a highly efficient alternative way of operating and financing your IT as opposed to the traditional way of managing it. We encourage our clients to change the way they think about managing their IT infrastructure and investments based on various cloud based solutions.

We are introducing a new concept of cloud hosted virtual desktops to the Australian market. We offer infrastructure and desktops from the cloud, direct to your business over a network or the internet. Mapx cloud solutions are a simple and effective IT solution that will change the way you do business. We guarantee that it’s less complicated than your current setup and and will require no effort on your part.

Cloud is the big new wave. Complexity and lack of expertise have prevented many companies from benefiting from this new technology. Until now, no one has really made it affordable, simple and tailored. This is where our exceptional value comes in!



Desktop as a Service - DaaS

Through the flexibility of the cloud, MapX takes on the full responsibility of hosting and maintaining the computers, storage and access infrastructure of its clients. This also includes the applications and application software licenses that are needed to provide businesses with the personalised desktop service they require. Additionally, Map X also manages the software and hardware, along with performance updates and security, virus protection, data backup, email management and other cloud hosted solutions, ensuring businesses that they will have all of the tools in place to grow their business, reach out to a wider audience, and eventually reach their bottom line.

Pay As You Go
The major benefit of using DaaS as part of a business IT infrastructure is that it helps businesses avoid significant up-front costs that related to system hardware and software infrastructure. Instead, all those who choose to use the DaaS system offered by MapX just get to pay a simple monthly subscription that is based on usage,

Managed IT Services

With years of experience under our belt, MapX offers exceptional managed IT services. We have proven expertise and knowledge when it comes to the application of managed IT services at all levels of a business enabling it to transform their organisation by improving the level of productivity of their workforce. Managed IT services offered by MapX is able to deliver cost saving cloud hosted solutions that improves process efficiency and productivity. But, the managed IT services that we provide don’t just end there. We offer our clients with a rare opportunity by adding value and produce cost savings by using a cost-of-ownership approach with our managed IT services.
This enables us to offer our clients up to 40% in savings by improving the flexibility and optimisation of their cloud based IT systems. The best part about using MapX Managed IT services is that our cloud hosted solutions are repeatable and produce quantifiable results that helps businesses address their IT requirements in the most affordable way possible.

Backup / DR as a Service

We are prepared for the unexpected
MapX offers Disaster Recovery as a Service as part of our comprehensive cloud based IT solutions. The services that we provide is a complete IT business continuity solution for businesses of all sizes and helps them secure their data, servers and even entire data centres from both natural or man-made disasters.

The DRaaS services we provide our clients either backs up or replicates their systems from an on-site appliance to a cloud data centre. What this means for our clients is that in case of an unexpected outage or a natural disaster where their servers and hardware are damaged MapX is able to recover the data from the cloud so that the data is accessible to our clients who can continue with providing their services without any delays or hiccups. In this way, MapX is able to keep the data of our client’s protected at all times. Whether our clients need to recover the data on a single file, a database or a server, for MapX, it’s as easy as pushing a button.

The DRaaS solutions offered by MapX can ensure that your business stays in business by implementing robust data protection and recovery solutions at an affordable cost.

Cloud Consulting

MapX offers the services of dedicated and reliable cloud consultants who are well versed in implementing strategies for cloud platforms and hybrid cloud systems to provide its clients with the best of both worlds. At MapX, we help our clients drive cost savings and increase the level of flexibility in their organization by offering them with the best cloud consulting services to make sure their business data is safe and secure. Drawing upon the cloud based IT services that MapX offers, we are able to ensure a level of security and compatibility that is second to none. With our cloud hosted solutions and expert cloud consulting services, MapX is able to help clients choose cloud technologies and map out the best strategy that will help them expand their business.

On demand IT project resources

On demand IT personnel resources for consulting strategy and service development