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Virtual Partners

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Virtual Partners are experts at delivering your most important company announcements via Managed Event Conference Calls and Webcasts from the Boardroom, a Live Event or your Pre-Recorded content. We are also specialists in providing Board Meeting software solutions.
Director – Virtual Meeting Solutions, Darin Smyth has worked within the Investor Relations Industry for over 15 years assisting hundreds of ASX and NZX listed entities communicate their message effectively by listening to their needs and prescribing the right solution. Darin understands that timely service is everything in this industry and that by relying on the right Virtual Partner to provide the right delivery solution, this allows you the client to focus on the content.
Virtual Partners are a supporting member of AIRA (Australasian Investor Relations Association).


Boardroom Events

Ensuring all your technology is going to perform when you are ready to go can be nail biting stuff. The team at Virtual Partners has over 15 years-experience in delivering successful virtual events from boardrooms and office spaces just like yours.

We will test your internet connections, boardroom hardware and phone line for clarity. We will also test your laptop interface and any other technology you will need during your presentation, so that your conference call and webcast are delivered seamlessly.

We will monitor the quality of your connection throughout your conference call and webcast and provide fast turnaround post-event reporting, recordings and transcriptions. We are with you every step of the way.

Live Events

There's no limit to what’s possible with a live event.

Financial Results Briefings, AGMs, EGMs, Investor Days, IPOs product launches, staff briefings, training seminars, awards ceremonies...whatever the occasion, we can help you to wow your event guests and online audience. But it's a one shot deal and when your reputation is on the line you need to be sure that your provider can deliver.

At Virtual Partners, we have teamed up with the very best providers and production companies in the industry, so you can be confident that your live event will proceed smoothly and as planned.

Whether it’s an operator managed conference call or a live multi-camera shoot webcast, we will plan it professionally, organise the AV equipment and manage the technical detail on the day.

Pre-Recorded Content

Whether you are sharing results, announcing a change or running training, your delivery can affect the way your audience receives your news.
Pre-recorded content is an increasingly popular way to deliver your message. It takes all the pressure off the presenter, allowing them to polish their message and delivery.

At Virtual Partners we can help you to pre-record your audio or video content either by sending in a crew onsite to your office or by utilising one of our CBD based Green Rooms.

We can then sync your recorded content with your slide presentation for your live or on demand webcast or provide you with an mp4 to use the content as you need for your website.


BoardPAC is an iPad based solution for directors and executives to conduct meetings digitally and access meeting documents in a secure and collaborative manner to enable quick decision making.

Easy to use
Meeting documents and feedback are digitalised.
Access to meeting documents anytime anywhere.
Past meeting papers with annotation are preserved.

Secure access of encrypted data.
Customised to your enterprise security policies.
Easy remote wipe on BoardPAC App data.
ISO27001 security management certified.

Collaborative tools for quicker decision
Share documents and annotation to
other members.
Easy feedback on meeting documents.

View and update papers in real time.
Reduce printing of meeting documents.
Ease of consolidation feedback.