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In partnership with West UC, we’re dedicated to a single proposition—making communication easy. Whether it’s co-workers across the office or partner firms around the globe, enabling that connectivity is the hallmark of our work.

Every person on the Ammacus team is focused on providing solutions and services that make better connections and deliver real results—not just for our customers, but for our customers’ customers.

When it comes down to it, if you can’t talk and share information internally or with people outside your company, your business isn’t going anywhere.
Ammacus is dedicated to shedding the jargon around unified communications and providing specific, concrete uses to those who benefit most.

What’s that mean for you?

We handle the complexities so you don’t have to.
That’s why Ammacus dedicates so much time, energy and investment in the unified communications space. Unified communications has a lot of elements and Ammacus covers them all.

Services Overview


Conferencing & Collaboration


We partner with West UC, the world’s largest conferencing services provider and work with them to deliver world-class audio, unmatched support and the expert insight you need to make your business communications excel. With the freedom to connect anyone from anywhere at any time, you can take collaboration to a whole new and more meaningful level.

Managed Voice Services


Enterprise voice and contact centers are the foundation for any communications solution. Our partner West UC has pioneered cloud-based solutions and has developed unparalleled expertise in deploying these solutions. From fully cloud-based to hybrid approaches that allow for structured migrations over time, providing the flexibility and solution options that best meet client needs.

Network Services


Most companies have a network infrastructure that‘s pieced together in varying degrees over time. It may be holding steady, but it might be holding you back as well. The Maxxis Application Aware Network provides the infrastructure your business needs to deliver real-time applications and provide connectivity for centralized, cloud-based applications. The network provides intelligent application-based routing, sophisticated management and control and unprecedented network performance in a single MPLS solution.


Webinars & Enterprise Streaming


Webinars & Enterprise Streaming support an enterprise’s need to leverage its virtual content in real time and on-demand—from hosting recurring internal webinars and large-scale multimedia webcasts to on-demand virtual trade shows and learning environments. Our interactive virtual environments, flexible webcast offerings and rich video experiences, together with our best-in-class support services, make your messages more impactful and give them a longer life.                                              Unified communications can be transformative, enabling people to connect whenever, wherever and from any device. How these tools are deployed can be equally transformative, especially when managed, cloud-based solutions free your IT team to address the most pressing challenges facing your organization.                                   So how do you need to improve connections? Regardless o the endpoints, we help you get there, because we know that making better connections is not the end – it’s truly the beginning.



Cloud Contact Centre Solutions

A positive customer experience can convert into sales. In fact, CX is on pace to overtake price and product as the top key competitive differentiator. Now more than ever, success hinges on how you interact with your customers.

Meeting customer needs – and doing it well – is becoming a strategic goal for every organization. However, changing customer behaviors present a challenge. With digital contact expected to overtake voice as the consumer’s preferred communications channel, keeping up with customer expectations for instant, convenient and personalized service via any channel isn’t easy. Siloed organizations, aging infrastructure, disparate technologies and dated business processes can get in the way of delivering the experience your customers want. Ammacus can help with your call centre solution requirements.

West Cloud Contact Center Options

West Cloud Contact, Cloud Contact Pro and Cloud Contact CE are cloud-based services, so there’s no need to buy, maintain or upgrade onsite infrastructure. And you can rest easy thanks to business continuity and disaster recovery features, geographically dispersed global data centers, and 24/7 expert support — all working seamlessly to keep your business in business.

West Cloud Contact

West Cloud Contact is an enterprise contact center solution that empowers your call center staff with a
sophisticated set of call handling and reporting tools. It offers unlimited scale of users as well as agility
and control beyond outmoded telephony.

As a cloud-based service, there’s no need to purchase, upgrade and maintain complex on-premises systems and disaster recovery is built in without any extra expense or hardware requirements. You can nimbly handle unpredictable or seasonal call volumes, outmaneuvering your competition and delighting customers.

Cloud Contact eases the load on helpdesk and support staff, and you can easily accommodate distributed contact centers, incorporating both facilities-based and home workers – all with full access to centralized management and reporting.

Cloud Contact Centre Solutions that Match Your Needs
Cloud Contact has a variety of features that scale to meet nearly any inbound contact center configuration.

Call Flow Management Tools - Provide a range of call flow routing options, including multimedia queuing with voice and chat, hunt groups, auto attendants and routing based on geographic location.

Monitoring - A full range of monitoring capabilities are included with real-time status views. Whisper, barge, and call monitoring offer quality of service tools to continually review and improve customer service. Screen capture enables a recorded archive of an agent's screen, aiding in agent training and development.

Reporting - Robust reporting engine, providing real-time stats and historical detailed and summary reports by queue, agent, call path and more.

Management - Update queue lines for remote agents, change skill levels and status, assign permission levels for system-level access, and manage disaster recovery settings.

Agent Desktop Client - Delivers agent tools that improve performance and awareness, empowering agents to provide more personalized service, whether they are located in a contact center or remote location.

Salesforce.com Integration - Keeps agents from having to work in multiple applications and allows for more efficient work processes.

West Contact Pro

Imagine the power of call center agents proactively reaching out to your customers while managing and exceeding inbound service levels. Imagine those agents distributed around the office, the country or the world, yet working together with a common purpose. With West Cloud Contact Pro, a fully blended inbound, outbound and multichannel contact center, this could be your reality in as little as 7-10 working days.

Cloud Contact Pro is a revolutionary contact center platform designed to boost productivity, increase connection rates and build customer relationships. You have ability to design diverse call flows for customer acquisition, service, retention and collections, and combine that with insightful reporting and forecasting capabilities so you can deliver great service at a lower cost point.

Inbound Contact Centre

Deliver a superior customer experience from initial outreach to call close. From sophisticated IVR functionality, to multimedia-awareness, to screen pops with prior contact record information, agents have the information needed to address queries swiftly. Cloud Contact Pro features intelligent, skills-based call routing, sophisticated yet simple call flow and queue editing, and dynamic agent scripting.

Outbound Contact Centre

Whether for sales and telemarketing, debt collection, proactive customer care, or surveying, Cloud Contact Pro Outbound features make it easier and more successful than ever to reach customers and prospects. With features like our advanced predictive dialer, patented mobile screening technology, and mobile/local number presentation, we help you make more calls while also increasing connect rates and talk times.

Multichannel Contact Centre

With Cloud Contact Pro, agents and customers can pick and mix a variety of communications types, including email, web chat, and social media -- with all information available in a single, unified interface. Dynamic routing and agent scripting help to provide the best possible customer experience, while CRM integration ensures you always have the data you need at hand.

Call Blending

Increase agent productivity and eliminate idle time with Cloud Contact Pro. Real-time, call-by-call blending allows agents to be inbound, outbound, or fully blended within one concurrent user license, so your contact center can seamlessly handle a variety of call and campaign types to maximize efficiency and boost overall revenue.

Audio Conferencing

From instant meetings between co-workers to broadcasts for the entire global enterprise, count on Ammacus audio conferencing services to give you a clear, crisp voice carried by your channel of choice. Ammacus utilises the best in-class audio conferencing from West UC to provide our customers:

• Easy-to-use , easy-to-manage technology

• Self-service to fully assisted options

• Multi-channel capability from desktop to mobile

• Scaled to Need - From Local to Global

• Integrated with Tech, services and Apps From Premier Partners

We’ll help you get your audio conferencing started

Ammacus offers an extensive catalogue of training options so you can quickly and easily begin hosting your online meetings and events.

From flexible, online seminars to customized, on-site sessions, our knowledgeable instructional design team has created sessions that teach you how to use our services and make the most of your investment.

For The enterprise.....

• Personalised credentials for the users

• Dedicated phone numbers for the organisation

• Customised pricing for the company


For Individuals and Small business....

• Simple service plans with configurable options

• Flexible pricing at affordable rates

• Accessible technology from industry leaders

Integrated With your Existing Network

• IP infrastructure


• MPLS network

Video Conferencing

Whether meeting one-on-one or bringing remote teams together, Video Conferencing services enable you to reach audiences without the hassle and high cost of traveling.

• Easy to Use, Easy-to-manage Technology

• Self-Service to fully Assisted Options

• Multi-Channel Capability From Desktop to Mobile

• Scaled to Need - From Local to global

• Integrated with Tech, Services and Apps from Premier Partners

For The Many Reasons to Look Them In the Eye

• Linking teams across departments, regions & oceans

• Showcasing products to the field

• Nurturing customer relationships

• Rallying sales teams

• Recruiting & retaining talent

For Your Specialised Needs

• Reservationless Video – an on-demand experience without sacrificing quality

• Worldwide Room Rental – a database of more than 9000 public video-conference rooms

• On-Site Production – experience in execution, expertise in the latest multimedia tech

• Managed Services — support from a trained video network operations center

• Equipment Purchasing – facilitating the best fit & highest satisfaction

Web Conferencing

Whether meeting one-on-one or bringing remote teams together, Video Conferencing services enable you to reach audiences without the hassle and high cost of traveling.

• Easy to Use, Easy-to-manage Technology

• Self-Service to fully Assisted Options

• Multi-Channel Capability From Desktop to Mobile

• Scaled to Need - From Local to global

• Integrated with Tech, Services and Apps from Premier Partners

For The Enterprise

• Personalised credentials for the users

• Dedicated phone numbers for the organisation

• Customised pricing for the company

For Individuals and Small Business

• Simple service plans with configurable options

• Flexible pricing at affordable rates

• Accessible technology from industry leaders

For The Many Reasons to Come Together Online

• Everyday business meetings

• Webinars

• Events

• Training & Education

• Service & Support

Collaboration Tools

Choose from a powerful collection of tools for effective, efficient collaboration in the office or on the road.

Our powerful collection of collaboration tools includes:

Cisco® Jabber™ – a voice, messaging & video platform for desktop & mobile devices delivered by VoiceMaxx Cisco Edition (CE)

Cisco Spark – creates a place for teams to work together, where their work can live, and a way to stay connected to it all

Cisco Spark Hybrid – add voice and video calling, along with directory and calendar access, to Cisco Spark with VoiceMaxx CE

UC Exchange – accelerates the building of collaborative communities by federating connections between customers, partner & suppliers

Microsoft® Skype for Business – unites Office 365 cloud productivity suite with InterCall’s conferencing technology

Microsoft Office 365 – a cloud-based collaboration service that integrates Office apps with audio conferencing tools

Esna iLink for Cisco – share presence, Jabber voice & video, instant messaging, voice messaging & geo-location through web & cloud

Esna iLink for WebEx – schedule & start WebEx meetings without leaving other everyday applications, such as a Google Chrome

InterCall Online – get the most from your conferencing services by using our comprehensive online account management tool

Hosted Voice and Unified Communications

Connecting Communications for a Truly Unified Experience

The days of voice-centric unified communications are over. To be competitive, today’s enterprises need a truly unified communications approach that blends the workstream applications you use most into a single user experience.

Ammacus’ enterprise voice services aren’t just about VoIP phones and standard telephony features. Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) includes enterprise-class VoIP but also comprises instant messaging and presence, mobility, audio, video and web conferencing, unified messaging, as well as integration with cloud contact center solutions, team collaboration, and a variety of storage, CRM and other applications. Yes, the days of voice-only are gone, and business can be all the better for it.

Better for Users. Better for IT. Better for Business.

Better for Users. Better for IT. Better for Business.
Enterprise UCaaS enables workers to better communicate and collaborate with colleagues, vendor partners and customers. You can enhance accessibility, promote mobility, and increase productivity across all locations and around the world, while costs, downtime, and day-to-day management are minimized.

• Be reachable anytime, anywhere with single number access to all your devices and access to applications just as though you were in the office.

• Scale quickly to add new users and offices around the globe with a consistent feature set for all.

• Stay up-to-date with the latest software updates without additional capital investments or significant IT involvement.

Ammacus offers a portfolio of feature-rich hosted IP PBX services, like VoiceMaxx CE, as well as collaborative applications such as Cisco Spark Hybrid, so you’re sure to find a solution that matches your needs.

Cloud Migration at Your Speed

A pure cloud solution isn’t always a practical solution when enterprises begin the cloud transition. And with mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, and new office locations springing up around the globe, the idea of a single, uniform infrastructure for unified communications out of the gate is hard to imagine for most enterprises.

Enjoy the benefits of unified communications via a thoughtful migration path while leveraging your existing infrastructure investments. If you’re just beginning to consider the cloud, SIP trunking allows you to leverage existing investments in on-premises telephony infrastructure while still reaping cloud benefits like cost savings, improved call routing, and enhanced disaster recovery. For some organizations, a hybrid mesh of cloud and on-premises solutions is necessary until all locations can be brought up-to-speed.

Unrivaled Support to Handle Even the Most Complex Scenarios

Whether considering UCaaS deployment methods, collaboration platforms, or application integration, Ammacus’ trusted professional services team has the expertise to identify the appropriate technology, design the required architecture, implement solutions, and drive adoption across the enterprise. With a proven methodology for connecting people and processes with technology, Ammacus can help solve your most complex unified communications and collaboration problems with a guided, hands-on approach to ensure success.


Our focus is large-scale enterprises operating in geographically dispersed locations. We have seen nearly every challenge possible. Because our involvement extends to the smallest of details, our understanding of your system and the business needs that underlie its design is second to none.


From our network operations center to solution design, account management, and procurement, our team is comprised of people who are brilliantly ingenious. Rather than chasing the latest new thing, we are committed to advancing our knowledge, the industry and our customer’s goals.


Experience and expertise without a commitment to service has no value. The competitive landscape is littered with firms having expertise but no empathy or connection to their customers. We value our customer relationships. We listen, question and understand before all else.

Networks and Connectivity

A Cloud-ready Network for Today’s Enterprise Communications

A corporate network supports mission-critical business communications across the enterprise. Failure, as they say, is not an option and simply bumping up your bandwidth won’t cut it anymore. Maximize the performance of your network, and the productivity of people working on it, with a managed, all-IP network.

Today’s cloud-minded enterprises require a solution that intelligently joins voice and data networks for insight and accountability extending beyond the capacity of traditional MPLS services. Ammacus partners with West UC to provide managed network services that harness the performance of a converged approach for greater productivity at a lower cost. It also provides a stable backbone for hosted VoIP services and cloud collaboration tools, ensuring highly available, reliable, resilient, and secure pathways for communicating.

Concentrate on Your Business. We’ll Manage the Network.

With a converged, all-IP network deployed as a fully-managed infrastructure, you can achieve unprecedented application performance, flexibility, and resiliency. An optimized network enhances reliability and performance of all the applications that rely on connectivity – from conferencing and voice, to video and email – through highly customizable Quality of Service (QoS) settings.

Ammacus partners with West UC to provide Maxxis network solutions which are optimized for real-time communications, centralized applications, and cloud-based services. Gain the power and reliability of multiple tier 1 carriers with wide geographic coverage and unparalleled resiliency, backed by a Cisco-certified network operations center that is staffed 24/7 by experts acting as an extension of your IT team to monitor services and assist in management.

Leverage the Benefits of SD-WAN for Savings & Performance

Leverage the Benefits of SD-WAN for Savings & Performance
Maxxis SD-WAN solutions enable organizations with multiple branch office locations to quickly and reliably connect to corporate networks in a more cost effective and operationally efficient manner.

Though West’s network solutions are fully managed, you always retain full access and control. Create the partnership that works best for you at any given time.

Total Network Optimization with Real-time Monitoring and Management

Complete transparency, including real-time performance data, should come standard – no matter the size of your organization or number of locations. Maxxis, an advanced enterprise network solution, delivers a complete WAN management system that provides tools to easily manage hardware, circuits, and VLANs across locations, whether in the office or remote. It provides a comprehensive solution for managing business applications end-to-end, with real-time visibility into performance – from router and switch to network core – to deliver monitoring, metrics, and controls that optimize communications performance across the enterprise.

With a fully managed network management and monitoring solution, you can:

• Monitor the health of your entire network infrastructure end-to-end, including all hardware, circuits, and VLANs

• Access a variety of network reports with detailed, graphical utilization and performance data all from a user-friendly dashboard interface

• Proactively optimize network performance of your enterprise applications and servers with real-time visibility and control

Network Security That Protects Your Enterprise and Your Peace of Mind

Performance means nothing without security. Networks must be protected from spam and viruses, intrusions, and inappropriate web content while also providing simplicity and consistency of security policy management. And with BYOD, shadow IT and remote workers becoming the new norm, there’s no time like the present to make network utilization more transparent and secure.

West’s network security features eliminate single-points-of-failure and bottlenecks that are common with premises–based security solutions. Since our network security is a fully-managed solution, experts are just a call or click away to assist with configuration, prevent and mitigate issues, and provide on-going management.

A Diverse Peering Ecosystem

The West network is surrounded by an ecosystem of peering relationships with industry-leading cloud services providers. In addition to the fully managed infrastructure of Maxxis, which prioritizes critical communications traffic such as voice or video conferencing, these direct connections increase the speed, reliability and security of your key cloud services.

Total Control When You Want It

• Full access into performance, from router and switch to network core

• Easy to use web-based management tools

• Real-time and historical network reporting

• Greater reach for management of geographically-dispersed offices

Responsive Service & Support

• Certified Cisco engineers on staff

• 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC) 

• Proactive monitoring and management relieves the pressure of constant IT overview

• End-to-end service, from design and implementation through continuing maintenance

Webcast Pro

The most complete solution for enterprise webinars.

Live, On-Demand, small to large and everything in between. Webcast Pro integrates functionality and event management to ensure success from start to finish of your small to large-scale webcasts.

Leverage the Power of Webcasts

• Sales & Marketing Campaigns

• Town Halls & Corporate Conferences

• Training & eLearning Programs

• Investor Relations

• Recruiting Talent

Get Robust Webcasting Features

• Customisable player reflecting your own look and feel

• Secure multi-page registration microsite

• Interactive features including Q&A, chat, polls, social networking, downloadable content

•Automated confirmation, reminder and thank you emails that drive attendance 

• Attendee behaviour data in an intuitive dashboard and centralised reporting module

• Event specialists available to manage your webcast from start to finish

Webcasts that span the globe.

•Attendee interface available in 17 languages 

• Closed captioning for more than 150 languages

• 13 support centres across 4 continents

Turn data into actionable metrics.

• Centralised reporting gathers all data in a single module

• West’s Engagement Index™ measures and scores audience participation

• Integration with CRM and LMS systems such as Eloqua™, Marketo® and Sum Total™

White-glove event management support.

• Dedicated event manager is assigned to every webcast

•Seasoned event specialists manage all pre-, during and post- logistics